Who is Writing Your Copy?

How do you get your brand content to grow, grip and convert mass audiences —

— in a world where hundreds of millions of websites are already out there and still have a competitive edge?

Hire the right copywriter.


I have a question for you today…

Who is writing YOUR copy? Maybe it’s you, or someone else in the company who has a flair for words. But, are they able to give 100% to the task? Are they able to craft a sharp, compelling sales letter that converts? Will their blog post get them to download your lead magnet? What about the squeeze pages, do you have that? How well are they converting?

If you don’t yet have an in-house or go-to copywriter, then keep reading this and I guarantee you that at the end you’re going to do this:

Close this tab.

Frantically search for me on Skype.

Beg me to join forces with you.


Because copywriting is more important than EVERYTHING else in your business.

Oh – you disagree, don’t you?

Let me show you proof.

First, copywriting is the heart of SEO

As Google Algorithm continues to change, SEO now relies primarily on quality content. Forget keyword stuffing and unnaturally-written articles just to fill up your website. You now get rewarded for your ability to grip and hold your target audience, compel and persuade your visitor to interact with your site and click on your desired calls-to-action (Yes, Google will know if this doesn’t happen).

And how do you keep visitors glued your pages?

Through brilliantly-written, relevant, valuable, entertaining content.

And who best to create such content?

You got that right… a copywriter.

The right copywriter knows their way around keyword research tools, such as Keyword Planner.

Second, copy is more important than design

Think about your favourite bloggers and social media gurus. Chances are they have just a simple WordPress site, nothing fancy. Yet their headlines and blog content are full of value. You keep going back for more. Heck, you’ve probably bought something from them without a second thought.

Convinced yet?

Let’s keep going.

Third, social media with no focus on copywriting is a waste of your time

You may have a huge following on social media but if the copy on your site is as dull as dishwater – then your social media efforts will just be a big old waste of time.

So make sure your web copy is compelling, before attempting to send that huge following to your website.


By hiring a copywriter of course!

Fourth, copy beats PPC ads

When people come across your ad and click it, it’s your copy that seals the deal… (or loses it).

Content marketing gets three times more leads than paid search advertising. (Content Marketing Institute, 2017).

So how about investing in copywriting and fill your landing pages with juicy, branded, expertly-crafted, high-converting sales copy – instead of wasting your hard-earned money on low-converting PPC ads?

I can sense you’re starting to understand the true value of the right copywriter. Correct?

Fifth, copywriters go beyond blogging

60% of consumers feel closer and more engaged with a brand after consuming custom content. When you keep feeding your target audience with content that is tailored to their specific interests, questions, and problems, they’re going to feel closer to you. And you know what this means? They will be more willing to give you their money. No questions asked!

Ask yourself this:

Who do you think would be better at creating custom content for your audience…

  • A savvy writer who understands all the best blogging practices and techniques?
  • Or a savvy copywriter who’s been trained in the art of persuasion, conversion strategy, branding, advertising AND who understands all the best blogging practices and techniques?

Lastly, copywriting is the secret sauce to effective sales pitches

Think about all the sales calls or emails that you receive in a day. How many of these do you feel are aimed just for you and not the entire world?

Now, imagine if these companies got a super-savvy direct response copywriter to tweak the sales emails they send you. Make it a little more personal. A little more persuasive. You might just get convinced, right?

The truth is…

Words are ultimately what convince and make the sale. Not your product. Not your design. Not social media hype. It’s more than what you say – it’s how you say it.

Is it sinking in now?


Now it’s time to frantically chat me on Skype (how exciting!)

The goal of this copy was to point out how valuable, yet often undervalued, the right copywriter is.

So what makes me the right copywriter for you?

  • I have a wealth of experience in copywriting having worked as a newspaper journalist for 3 years and a digital copywriter for the last 7 years.
  • I’m always upskilling to make sure that I stay up-to-date with industry changes and updates. (Udemy is a favourite).
  • I’ve trained with the best trainers in the industry. I recently got 4 certificates from Digital Marketing maestro Ryan Deiss’s training lab.
    • Direct-Response Copywriting Specialist
    • Content Marketing Specialist
    • Customer Acquisition Specialist
    • Search Marketing Specialist

The right copy for the right audience, will pull the right eye from Google or Facebook or Insta and onto your website, onto your sales funnel and into your bank account! So you darn well should either hire or partner with the right copywriter. (Yes, me)

So go on…

Close this tab or just grab your phone.

Frantically chat me on Skype (Stella.mwangi17).

Or shoot me an email at stella@theafricanomad.com and we’ll discuss how we can help each other out.

And if you have a copywriter on your team already, then you better go give them a raise.

P.S. If you’re still scrambling to get your copy needs to be covered because everyone in the office is too busy doing their actual job to write up that email or blog post, or you want to write it yourself when you can catch a moment, your business is leaving money on the table. Why? Because a copywriter’s job isn’t to just write your copy. It’s to make you money. Chat me on Skype (Stella.mwangi17 kindly mention my website when requesting me to add you on Skype. Helps to keep spams out smile).