Living a life of travel is something that most of us view as a far away dream. We keep convincing ourselves that one more year and I’ll get started. One more promotion and I’ll have enough money to travel. I have too much going on right now, maybe next year.

The truth is that all these are excuses.

I have been travelling for three years now and I recently decided to start travelling alone.

So why did I start travelling?

I’ve always been a curious soul. I get bored pretty fast and I’m always itching for an adventure. I’ve always worked unconventional jobs that are thrilling so travel has been something I knew I was meant to do but like everyone else I had excuse after excuse.

Eventually, I got tired of drooling over other people’s travel photos and decided to pursue my own adventures. At the time of my first international trip, I had a partner who loves to travel so it was pretty easy for them to convince me to do it.

Our first trip was to Dubai for Rugby Sevens (not much of a fan but hey…). That was when the travel bug bit me and I’ve not stopped since.

When the opportunity to travel comes up, whether it’s work related, a plan with your friends etc., don’t overthink it, just go. It could be the kick you need to get you on the road full time.

How do I manage to travel every now and then?

The question that most of my friends ask me is how do I manage to pay for all my trips? While the truth is that travel is expensive, what most people don’t realize is that it’s actually not as expensive as you imagine it to be.

I plan all my trips, I don’t use a travel agent. This of course has it’s own pros and cons but the one thing that makes me do it myself is because I get to do all the research especially where money is involved. By planning my trips I get to research for cheap flights, weigh out varying accommodation options, move my dates around and so on. In the end, I save up quite a chunk.

Don’t be scared to plan your own trips, you just need to put in time researching about where you’re going. Read reviews and ask other travellers (me 😉 ) for assistance. Eventually, you’ll learn the ropes and you’ll realize you don’t need to pay a commission to an agent.×12-xT5LMMhKszTKOfi9UI

The other method that I use to save up for my trips is to reduce my expenses while at home. For instance, when I decided that I wanted to travel for longer periods, I moved to a cheaper house that saw me save $100 every month.

I also try not to live an extravagant life and instead put that money in my travel account. What motivates me is knowing that I can be as extravagant during my trip as my savings will allow me. I no longer focus on material stuff but instead I focus on buying experiences.

My desire to travel more also motivates me to work harder. I focus all my energy on my online business and do everything that I can to find clients and from my earnings, I’m able to save enough to stay on the road.

What has been my greatest motivation?

The one thing that has helped me manage to keep this life going is my attitude. It’s totally true that you are your first hindrance to living the kind of life you want.

My mantra has always been ‘If you can see it in your mind, if you can imagine it, then it’s possible.’ This is the attitude I carry around. I know it’s possible to live as a full time digital nomad so I chase that possibility with everything I’ve got.

So start by seeing yourself doing it, believe that it’s possible, surround yourself with people who are doing it and let them rub the ‘I can do it’ attitude on you.

My word of advice…

Let go of the fear, the doubts, the excuses and simply do it. It’s better to try and fail than to never try at all and live wondering what if!

The African Nomad | Stella Mwangi